About Us

Hi fellow lifestyle enthusiast, I’m Eric. Thanks for visiting Bald and Beards!

We’re a group dedicated to promoting everything we’ve learned about the bald and beard lifestyle. Bald & Beards is a site for those men and women who want to learn all about balding, beards, grooming, style, trends, reviews and complimentary products. We’ll help educate you on everything we’ve learned over the past 20 years so you can make the best decision for yourself, family member, friend or significant other.

A little about my journey. I started losing my hair in my mid-30’s gradually and have always been self conscious about it. I didn’t know how to style my receding hair, my clothes, facial hair, accessories, etc. It was all very stressful not knowing what to do, where to go for advice and how to confide in others.

It was then when I became obsessed with educating myself on what causes hair loss and what we can do about it. I’ve tried hundreds of vitamins, remedies and hair loss treatments, seeing both failure and success across the board.

It wasn’t until my late 40s when I decided to embrace the bald look and shave my head down. It was empowering and so liberating.

This was a major milestone for me when I realized that there’s an entire lifestyle devoted to not just the bald look, but beards, styles, trends and worthy products. It’s a typical evolution that adding facial hair to your look can help up your style game.

So, whether you’re a bearded brother, bald, thinning or you’re a lady friend looking for your man – we’re really glad you’re here.