14 Male Celebrities with Receding Hairlines

celebrity receding hairlines

Is your hairline maturing as you get older? Male pattern baldness happens to many men, even celebrities with receding hairlines.

Both women and men experience receding hairlines, according to new hair loss studies published by Columbia University.

Thanks to new procedures, it’s easier than ever to get the hairline you want restored. Some famous actors with receding hairlines elect for hair transplants, wear wigs, hairpieces, medications, and experiment with vitamins, supplements and nutrition.

We found some of the most recognizable celebrities with their famous receding hairlines. See our image collection below with before and after thinning hairline looks.

1. Jude Law

It happened in the late 1990s, as Jude Law became more famous – so did his hairline.

Receding Jude Law hairline
Jude Law before & after receding hairline.
Jude Law Short Sideburns
Jude Law Sideburns

You think you have a bad hairline? The media wasn’t kind to Jude Law, when he returned to Hollywood with a full head of hair and a new hairline. Personally, I think it looks awesome paired with the full beard style.

2. John Travolta

Possibly even more famous than Jude Law’s hairline is that of John Travolta, who went from buzzed and balding to a complete head of hair.

balding John Travolta hairline
See more of John Travolta’s current bald style.
John Travolta chin puff goatee

3. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

In his interview with Vanity Fair, The Rock explained why he decided to go bald and started shaving his head. Dwayne is like a different person with hair and I just can’t see it. The bald look is definitely his lane.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson with Hair
Young Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson during his football years before wrestling and pure Hollywood famedom.
The Rock Bald hairstyle

4. Lance Armstrong

The famous cyclist Lance Armstrong has always kept his hair fairly short. You can see his hairline type has changed from shallow M-shaped hairline to more of a straight hairline.

Lance Armstrong Receding Hairline
Lance Armstrong After Hairline

5. Chris Meloni

The Law and Order SVU star had a famous receding hairline that changed drastically throughout the series. IMHO, he should’ve started the goatee look sooner.

Chris Meloni receding hairline
Image source: GeekSpin
Chris Meloni hairline
Image source: GoodHousekeeping.com

6. LeBron James

When LeBron James seemed to struggle with his hairline, it was all over the front page of sports entertainment websites and Twitter for a long time. However, he’s since regrown his hairline. Either way, he’s always a first class act.

before after hairline for LeBron
Image source: AestheticScalp.com
Lebron James Hairline
Perfectly trimmed hairline on my favorite basketball celebrity.

7. Sting

Everyone knows Sting’s deep M-shaped hairline, it’s pretty iconic. Looks solid as a buzz cut.

Sting Hairline
Sting Hairline

8. Nicolas Cage

From his early days in Con Air to now, it was clear that Nick Cage had some hair growth problems, making him one of our famous hairlines on this list. Going from a Widow’s Peak to a fully restored hairline.

Nicolas Cage Hairline
Nicolas Cage Hairline

9. Elon Musk

The CEO and founder of Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, etc – Elon Musk has been ready to go the distance, but not with his old hairline. His look has changed since before the days of Paypal where he was severely balding.

Elon Musk receding hairline
Elon Musk after hairline

10. Jesse Martin

Another Law and Order alum makes our list of famous receding hairlines. The ultra likable Jesse Martin has a very deep hairline – even more so when seen on the Flash TV series.

Jesse Martin Receding Hairline
Jesse Martin Law and Order Hairline

11. Vincent Kartheiser

When Kartheiser took on the world as the persnickety Pete Campbell in Mad Men, we first noticed his hairline was starting to move further back. All good, he looks more distinguished now.

Vincent Kartheiser hairline
Vincent Kartheiser receding hairline

12. Jason Statham

Statham is probably the most famous for his thinning hairline, but he’s never hidden that he likes the bald look. Damn, he makes bald look good!

Jason Statham Buzz Cut
Jason Statham beard style

13. Jason Alexander

George Costanza’s famous Rogaine scene in Seinfeld will forever remind us of the way it feels to lose your hair with little options. At least now there are plenty of options for hair regrowth.

Jason Alexander with Hair
In 2012, Alexander opted for a hairpiece on the red carpet.
Jason Alexander Balding

14. Prince William

Even being a royal prince can’t save you from a thinning hairline.

Prince William receding hairline