19 Best Hairstyles for Balding Men: Top Haircuts & Trends

Hairstyles for balding men

For men who are starting to go bald, looking for a fresh new hairstyle is the right call. Learning about your hair journey and growth patterns helps you understand styles and haircuts that can accentuate your features, especially as your hairline matures and continues to push back further on the daily.

The rule of thumb is that a shorter hairstyle for balding men is better at hiding thinning hair and considered more attractive. So, balding men will typically elect for a new style to compliment their changing hairline.

If you notice more hair falling out in the shower, then it’s time to start looking at your hair in a new light with haircuts for balding men. Here are some of the best current bald haircut looks, including those from male celebrities who pulled it off best. Keep reading.

1. The Tom Hardy Buzz Cut

Just because you’re losing more hair doesn’t mean you have to go completely bald. The first step may be to try a shorter, cleaner buzz cut.

Tom Hardy buzz cut
Tom Hardy

Many men have done this super stylish look and partnered it up with thick facial hair. Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum have both opted for the buzz cut. This look minimizes receding hairstyles by balancing all hair to the same length and hiding missing patches by keeping it short.

2. Buzz Cut high Fade

This style focuses on a fade from the ears around to the back of the neck and up to the crown. Hair is thicker at the top and front of the head near the forehead. There’s a bit more length to cover the crown in other looks if hair isn’t as sparse.

Butch Buzz Cut

3. Crew Cut

If you’re losing your hairline but want to keep your locks longer on top, you can opt for the tapered, clean style crew cut. This draws attention away from your hairline and brings the eye to the center of your face.

This is another look for those who don’t want to go totally bald just yet and like using clippers with a #2 or #3.

Chris Evans with a classic crew cut hairstyle
Chris Evans

4. Crew cut Taper

If a crew is an all-around shorter haircut the high taper fade takes it a step further with a clean-shaven look around the ears and tapering up until thicker hair starting from temples and towards the top of the head.

Ryan Reynolds Crew Cut Taper and Short Beard Style
Ryan Reynolds

5. Bald Hairstyle

For men in need of a bald spot haircut fix, follow in the footsteps of Jason Statham with his bald haircut and trademark stubble beard. If you’re tired of tracking your hair loss with each new bald patch, this is the best way to take back control over your hairstyle and overall look.

Jason Statham shaved head beard stubble
Jason Statham. See more bald celebrities.

6. Short Spikes

Men with longer locks on top but with a widow’s peak can use this hair style to bring their long strands forward and cover up the receding corners. Around the ears and towards the back of the neck, you can also get a low fade that tapers up to a #3 on the sides and longer hair on top.

Robert Downey Jr Spikey Hair
Robert Downey Jr

7. Caesar’s Haircut

This look is defined by short, thick hair that’s combed forward at the top of the head and upper sides. It may be tapered to a small fade around the ear. A little gel may be used to keep the hair neat and tidy. This look also has tapered or faded sideburns that look best with a tight, well-maintained beard.

Caesar Undercut with Fade
Image courtesy of WorldofMale.com

8. Comb Over with Low Fade

The comb over hairstyle This is an easy style to achieve if you want to hide receding Widow’s peak corners. This look combines a fade around the ears and back of the head, tapering up to thick hair on top that’s combed to one side.

Combover receding hairline with beard stubble
Mustache and cheek stubble can be faded using electric trimmers and guards.

9. Slicked Back Hair

If you want to show off a Widow’s peak, which is actually popular for celebrities, then you can use mousse to thicken and slick your hair back on the top and sides.

Slick Black Undercut
Image courtesy of Men’s Hairstyles Today.

10. Daniel Craig Haircut

James Bond had a tapered fade on the sides with short hair on top that was typically slightly parted and combed. This look can go slightly messy with a bit of product and tousled ends. It’s also called a quiff.

Daniel Craig Haircut
London, UK, 26th Oct 2015: Daniel Craig attends James Bond Spectre CTBF film premiere in London

11. High and Tight

This is a combination of the buzz cut with a longer crew cut on top. The result is a regulation military-style look that can be slightly styled on top with a bit more length. The short sides are typically tapered with a #2 guard that goes into a #3, but it leaves at least a little over an inch of hair length to comb over.

Crew Cut with Buzz Cut

12. Short Hair with Bald Fade

The bald fade is a clean-shaven look around the ears and up to the temples. It typically does not taper, but rather fades into a skin fade. Hair on top is kept thick and styled to match the corners of the Widow’s peak with the fade.

Crew Cut with a Fade

13. Fohawk Fade

The fohawk AKA faux hawk hairstyle has faded edges on the sides and extra length at the top of the head to the center of the crown. This is a longer hair style that can take the emphasis off of a V hairline or Widow’s peak. The hair is kept neat on the sides but messy on top. Mousse and hairspray can help keep your hair stylish and thick.

David Beckham Fohawk Fade
David Beckham Fohawk Fade style. Image courtesy of IGN

14. Butch Haircut

These looks follow the shape and contour of your head, but a barber typically cuts these so it fades slightly around the ear. The rest of your head is cut to a third of an inch using a #2 or #3 all around with the clipper. It’s a neat, no-fuss hairstyle.

Adam Levine with Butch Haircut
Adam Levine

15. Short Pompadour and Tapered Fade

This is a trending look because of the short length at top with thick hair that tapers off to a clean or bald fade around the ear. These looks typically have a small pompadour at the middle of the forehead that tapers off to the crown. You may also comb your hair forward to hide receding hairlines and bald patches.

Comb Over Pompadour

16. Short Waves

If you have curly, thick hair with a receding hairline, then you may simply want to go for an undercut or tapered fade on the sides. This leaves your hair wavy and thick on top. You can style it using a thickening mousse to add volume and shine.

Short waves with fade

17. The Don Draper

The Don Draper is a classic business professional haircut that’s quite neat on the sides. The top length of hair is kept short. It’s then slicked back with volume at the front using a bit of hair product.

John Hamm as Don Draper with slicked back hair
John Hamm

This look resembles the short pompadour but with a little less length and more tidiness using hairspray or gel to keep hair in place.

This is one of the best haircuts for balding men because it parts at the corner of a receding hairline and hides the other corner with a bit of length for the comb over.

18. Side Part

Robert Downey Jy. again this time with a side part style that helps conceal thinning parts well.

Robert Downey Jr Short Hair with side part
Robert Downey Jr.

19. Bald Haircut

Pitbull's bald haircut
Pitbull, always looking sharp with a shaved haircut. See more bald men and sunglasses.

Shaving your head completely bald is a great option with this full acceptance, clean-shaven bald head look. It’s a bold statement and easily achieved with a top quality electric head shaver or any Skull Shaver product.

Men like Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, and Jeff Bezos have all shaved their heads and rock this look.

Wrapping Up

These are a sample of hairstyles for men with male pattern baldness. Find other options to help your look:

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