Why John Travolta Bald is Trending & Looking Awesome

John Travolta has decided to go bald again, and this time, he says he’s keeping it cool with his shaved head. Over the years, Travolta became a hair transplant icon after pictures surfaced of him with a completely new hairline.

In 2019, movie star John Travolta shaved his head again and opted for the bald look that he has continued until now.

Like many celebrities, the Pulp Fiction and Grease star has had some work done. But why did Travolta ultimately shave his head? We look at some reasons why he’s sporting a shiny bald head now.

John Travolta bald

Why Did John Travolta Shave His Head?

For many years, John Travolta’s been playing hide and seek with his hairline and he’s typically sported a full, thick head of hair. Then, the actor went completely bald for his role in From Paris with Love in 2010.

While some expressed total shock on Jimmy Kimmel Live, we think the new look shows off his unique style, and his beard looks amazing, akin to Bruce Willis in Die Hard. Here’s a recent post of the grown-up Danny Zuko sporting the bald look on Instagram.

John Travolta flying in airplane - posted on Instagram

On Instagram, Travolta debuted his new clean-shaven look. The actor has gone back and forth over the past 10 years from having a shaved head to having a full head of hair. He may have even owned a hair piece at one point, but that’s just speculation.

Bald and beard, John Travolta
John Travolta shaved bald with a cool stubble beard

While hair restoration isn’t nothing new to the stars, FUE and FUT transplants can be painful, and if not performed by a skilled doctor, you may end up with a botched transplant. Thankfully, Travolta’s hair transplant looked completely natural for many years.

John Travolta hair transplant
John Travolta “rumored” hair transplant

As for why he wanted to go back now? In his words to People.com, Travolta shaved his head “on a whim” during a New Year’s celebration in 2019 and posted a picture of Travolta showing his newly shaven head. His daughter Ella Bleu was also in the video.

Ever since that moment, he’s continued to rock the bald with a beard look, stating, “Because everyone liked it so much, I decided to keep it for a while.”

Did John Travolta Have a Hair Transplant?

From the photographic evidence to the headlines about his hair, Travolta likely had a hair transplant in 2016. While he had a receding hairline and bald patches earlier in the year, he stepped out by the end of 2016 with a totally new, full hairline. His crown had gone from patchy and thinning to completely thick and lustrous.

Previously in 2015, Travolta snapped photos at the gym with his natural hairline, which showed some receding qualities. Many say this was the moment that made the movie star opted for a hair transplant.

Not that it mattered to the B&B team because we love the bald and beard look he’s sporting now. However, why the sudden change back to bald?

It could be his friendship with Armando Christian Perez, aka Pitbull that finally pushed him to be bold and bald.

John Travolta Embraces Being Bald

Going bald can be limiting for an actor just starting out (unless you’re Vin Diesel or Jason Statham) or if you’ve always been known for having long, thick hair. Travolta’s dark looks and long ponytail in Pulp Fiction continue to be an iconic look.

Still, the actor felt it was time to embrace being bald and revealed his new look via social media, taking off his head to reveal a shiny bald head.

Travolta talks to ET about his new bald look.

One star who knows about rocking a bald head is rapper Pitbull. Jimmy Fallon was quick to point this out in a tweet last year:

John Travolta with Pitbull
Pitbull (Mr. 305) and John Travolta

@Pitbull and John Travolta are twinning! #FallonTonight pic.twitter.com/U36y4OInRf

— Fallon Tonight (@FallonTonight) April 23, 2019

Travolta wasn’t at all upset. He debuted his bald head on Instagram with his daughter and has said that he plans on rocking the new shaved head look. Some of the comments were incredibly supportive, saying “Bald is really, really beautiful” and “Promise to never cover up again unless it’s for a role.”

Travolta bald with beard
Smashing bald with beard look

2020 was been a difficult year for John Travolta, whose wife Kelly Preston passed away tragically at the age of 57 after battling breast cancer. It’s safe to say that he has more important things on his mind, stating of the actress and wife of 26 years, “She was a bright, beautiful, and loving soul.”

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