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Most of us know Johnny Depp for his iconic roles in Edward Scissorhands, Pirates of the Caribbean, Public Enemy, and many more. It’s clear he can change his look for any character, and so Johnny’s hair may have become just as popular as the actor himself.

If you want to rock Johnny Depp’s looks, you’ll need to know the right way to trim and cut your locks, but there’s also different hair products that make it easier to achieve those tousled long locks or slicked back styles.

johnny depp hair

How to Get Johnny Depp’s Hairstyle

Our guide goes through the most popular Johnny Depp hairstyles, starting from his iconic roles in the 1990s to his present-day looks. On most occasions, the Fantastic Beasts actor rocks longer, messy locks with an undercut.

Before we get started, here’s some tools needed to pull off these looks:

  • Barber shears and comb
  • Electric hair clippers (for undercuts)
  • Pomade for shine and smoothness
  • Wave spray or salt spray (for wavy looks)
  • Blow dryer (for longer hair looks)
Getting Johnny Depp's hairstyle is easy with the right styling products.
Johnny with long hair from the top, pulled over the right cheek.

Johnny Depp Hair Timeline

Johnny Depp hairstyles range from popular looks as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and Public Enemy to more fantastical looks in Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd and Edward Scissorhands. Long, short, or simply wild, Johnny Depp always has a distinctive hairstyle.

Young Johnny Depp Hair

1980s Johnny Depp Looks

Did you know acting wasn’t Johnny Depp’s first choice? He clearly had the hairstyles of many singers in the 1980s, which is exactly what he wanted to do before he was introduced to film and talented actors like Nicolas Cage.

Ah, the good ol’ days of the 1980s. It was all about the hair. Johnny Depp always liked voluminous looks.

To get this style, use a blow dryer for volume and lightly work pomade into front locks, smoothing down sides to the back. 

1990s Johnny Depp hair
Young Depp with a full head of hair and leather cuff.
Johnny Depp hairstyles
Young Johnny Depp
Young Johnny Depp hairstyles
Johnny Depp quiff hairstyle

21 Jump Street Hairstyle

Early in Johnny’s career, he stared in the original 21 Jump street TV series.

Johnny Depp's Hairstyle on 21 Jump Street.
21 Jump Street Hairstyle (1987).

1990s Johnny Depp Looks

The 90s brought on some strange times for Johnny Depp, who likely a messier, somewhat slicked back hairstyle. A little bit more pomade or styling cream can achieve this messy look.

90s Johnny Depp hairstyles with girlfriend Winona Ryder.
Johnny’s wild hair alongside his celebrity girlfriend, Winona Ryder.
Johnny Depp long slicked back hairstyles from 1990s
Depp sports long slicked back hair.

Johnny Depp Long Hair

Mostly, Depp prefers long hairstyles with voluminous and shiny locks. Good hair care like this starts with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner with ingredients like argan oil and coconut oil. Other volumizing shampoos also work to create Johnny’s thick, natural, glossy long hair. 

If you want your locks to have more volume and smoothness, try a mousse with blow dryer and finish off with a light work-through of pomade in your front hair. 

Johnny’s longer hairstyles feature 2 to 3 layers in the front with typical lengths cut at the ear, chin, and neck. If looking for long layered hair, it’s best to look at self-cut hair layer videos or talk to a barber about this one to get it right for your face shape

Johnny Depp shoulder length long hair
Johnny Depp with shoulder length long hair.
Johnny Depp extremely long hair
Johnny with longer than shoulder length hair.
Johnny Depp long hair with a central part.
Central parted hair with a longer length.
Johnny Depp with long wavy hair.
Johnny with long wavy hair.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Hairstyle

Johnny Depp always has perfect hair, even when he played a despondent Gilbert Grape in the 1990s classic What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. His shiny brown locks easily get tucked behind the ear a lot in this film.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape long hairstyle
Johnny Depp’s long hair in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.
Johnny Depp long haircut.
Johnny sporting a long messy hair at shoulder length.

The Tourist Hairstyle

The Tourist features another iconic Johnny Depp look with wavy hair and a circle beard. These waves can be created by braiding hair or with a wavy curling iron if you don’t have natural waves, of course.

Sea salt spray or wave spray may also help create this look if you have straight to wavy hair already.

Long bob hairstyle (parted) with a Circle Beard Goatee in a white tuxedo.
Depp with a long parted bob hairstyle with a Circle Beard Goatee.
Johnny Depp shoulder length hair and beard.
Longer, wavy hair with Extended Goatee.

Chocolat Hairstyle

The movie star’s ponytail was completely at work in the romantic story of Chocolat. Johnny Depp’s long hair often frames his face with layers in the front that he can quickly tuck behind his ear for the ultimate laissez-faire hairstyle.

Johnny Depp's long hair is pulled back in a ponytail for the movie Chocolat.
Johnny Depp sports long hair pulled back in a ponytail in the movie Chocolat with Juliette Binoche.
Johnny's long hair ponytail is slightly unkept.
Johnny’s long hair is in a ponytail and slightly unkept.

Johnny Depp Short Hairstyles

Short hair also looks good on the Cry-Baby actor. When Johnny goes short, it’s typically for a role. But there were times throughout the 2010s the actor cut off most of his length, while still keeping his hair just longer than a crew cut or buzz cut.

Johnny Depp short hairstyles
Messy short hair complimented with silver aviator sunglasses.
Johnny Depp with short hair and purple tinted aviator glasses.
Johnny’s short hairstyle that’s a bit longer on top.
Johnny Depp with a short style and very long hair on top paired with a goatee.
Depp with a short style with very long hair on top paired with a cool celebrity goatee.

See More of Johnny Depp’s Beard Styles

Public Enemy Hairstyle

For Public Enemy, Johnny Depp kept the length on top but shaved the sides in a classic taper haircut with a slight undercut.

To get this hairstyle, we suggest using electric hair clippers with a #1 to #2 guard on the sides, then taper down to the back with a #3 to #2. Finish off with a bit of pomade on the top locks for that messy, shiny style. 

Johnny Depp Public Enemies hairstyle
Johnny Depp’s taper haircut from Public Enemies.
Johnny Depp's slicked back hair shows off his M-shaped hairline.
Dashing slicked back hair shows off Depp’s M-shaped hairline.
John Dillinger hair.
Wild and messy hair as Johnny Depp plays John Dillinger.

Grindelwald Inspired Hairstyle

The super bleached blonde look suited Grindelwald, and if you like an edgier look, this hairstyle will certainly catch the eye of everyone around you. 

Johnny Depp features an undercut with shaved sides and a slight taper down the back. You can create the spiky pieces with hair wax (beeswax).

Grindelwald Blonde Hairstyle and matching blonde mustache.
Grindelwald Blonde Undercut Hairstyle and matching blonde mustache.
Grindelwald blonde hair
Grindelwald Blonde this time with taper fade and almost faux hawk hairstyle and matching blonde mustache.
Grindelwald Johnny Depp hair
Johnny Depp styled his own hair like Grindelwald, but in his natural hair color for the movie premiere.

Johnny Depp Slicked Back Hairstyle

We also loved Johnny’s older looks from Donnie Brasco’s hairstyle to his 1980s slick back hairstyles. Here’s a look at all the styles featuring this slicked back look. 

Johnny Depp as Donnie Brasco. Sporting slicked back hair with Ray-Ban sunglasses.
Johnny Depp as Donnie Brasco. Sporting slicked back hair with Ray-Ban sunglasses.
Slick back Johnny Depp hair (parted).
Depp with slicked back hair and an offset central part.
Johnny Depp in Mortdecai has slicked back blonde hair with a handlebar mustache.
Johnny Depp in Mortdecai has slicked back blonde hair with a handlebar mustache.
Depp's slick back slick greaser looking hair.
Johnny shows off his slicked back “greaser” hair look.

Johnny Depp’s Current Hairstyle

The Finding Neverland actor continues to change up his look. Johnny’s grown out his hair again. Johnny Depp 2021 hairstyle features medium length locks with some smooth styling cream or pomade worked in to reduce frizz. 

Johnny Depp 2020 Mop Top Hairstyle
Johnny Depp’s Long Mop Top Hairstyle.
Johnny Depp's current hair is longer and relaxed.
Longer, relaxed hair.

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