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Best Haircuts For Men In 2022 | 100+ Hottest Hairstyles

Men’s haircuts are always evolving. Although there’s a standard for the classic short-back-and-sides, many men have been experimenting with different styles and shapes of their hair in recent years.

In fact, we’ve seen so many changes that it may be hard to keep tabs on what’s trending now! That’s why I’m going to do my best to provide insight into the most popular hairstyles today, as well as the best haircuts for men.

So, without further ado, let’s see the hairstyles!

Short Haircuts for Men

Regulation Cut

The regulation haircut is a popular, low-maintenance short haircut for men. The style involves trimming down the top and tapering the sides, leaving it up to you to decide on how much skin you want to show.

To get a regulation haircut, you will need to go to a licensed barber. The hair must be at least 1 inch below the collar, and the hair must be styled in a conservative manner. The haircut should not be too short or too long.

High and Tight

The high and tight is a short military style variant of the crew cut. The back and sides of the head are shaved to the skin, and then the slightly longer hair on top is blended (faded) in.

Clean Cut Haircut

A Clean Cut Haircut is a short haircut that tends to be very tapered. It can also have an undercut, which means it’s shorter on the top than the bottom and will usually have a longer length on the sides.

The Clean Cut Haircut is a haircut that can be worn by men or women, but it’s more commonly seen in men. The best part about this haircut is that it can be worn by almost anyone. It’s a great option for someone who wants to look professional, but doesn’t want to go with the typical short business cut.

Short Curls

Short curls are a great choice for men who want a textured look.

To style short curls, start by applying a curl-defining product to damp hair. Then, use a diffuser to dry your hair on low heat. Once your hair is dry, you can use your fingers to scrunch up the ends and give your hair more texture.

Buzz Cut with Line-Up

A buzz cut is a popular hairstyle for men. There are many reasons to get a buzz cut, but one way to elevate the look is by adding a line-up. This can help create a more professional appearance.

You’ll need help with the line-up. So, to get the best buzz cut, consult with your barber and experiment with different angles and lines on the hairline, parting, or temples.

Spiky Hair

Spiky hair is a modern hairstyle achieved by using a small amount of hair product to your hair. Similar to the 90s look, you can make the hair stand on end with either long and short hair.

For those with long hair, it’s best to start with clean, dry, and styled hair. Use a small amount of product and work it through your hands before running them through your hair. Start at the roots and work the product down to the ends. Once you have the desired amount of product in your hair, use a comb to style your spikes in any direction you want.

Short spiky hairstyles are achieved similarly, but without the need for a comb. Simply work the product through your hands and then run them through your hair, starting at the roots and working down to the tips. You can style your spikes however you like, whether it be all going in one direction or multiple directions.

Wavy Hair with Side Part

If you have wavy hair, you can style it in a side part. To do this, keep some length on top and use a styling product like matte pomade or gel to keep it in place. This will help to highlight your natural waves and make you look more professional and refined.

Slick Back with Skin Fade

The slick back with skin fade haircut is a classic men’s hairstyle that’s achieved by combing the hair back and then fading the sides down to the skin. This look is popular because it creates a polished and stylish appearance.

There are many ways to style the slick back, depending on the hair texture and length on top. For example, the style can be combined with other haircuts, like a fade, which gives the look structure and creates a slight contrast. The slick back can also be as dramatic or subtle as you wish, shaving the hair down to the skin or keeping it longer like a taper fade.

Short Fringe Haircut

A short fringe haircut is a great way to give the illusion of length, while still maintaining that cool and easy-going vibe. The texture on this cut makes it perfect for guys with thick or curly hair, while the short length is great for guys who are on the go.

To style a short fringe, start by cutting the sides short with a skin fade. Then, crop the longer lengths at the top bluntly.

Temple Fade

A temple fade haircut is a style that was popularized in the 1990s and early 2000s. This hairstyle is characterized by a gradual fade (or relaxation) of hair lower on the head, starting at the temples and gradually working its way down towards the nape of neck.

The goal is for this gradual fading to give your hair a more layered look with room to move but also to maintain some structure.

Temple Fade With Pompadour

The pompadour with temple fade is a popular hairstyle for men. To get this style, you’ll need to have long hair on top that’s styled into a pompadour.

The sides and back will need to be faded down to create the contrast that makes this style look so good. You can use hair products to help create the pompadour on top, and then use a razor to create the fade on the sides and back.

Disconnected Pompadour

The disconnected pompadour is a dramatic and stylish hairstyle for men. Achieved by keeping the hair on the sides and back short, and leaving longer hair on top of the head.

This creates a bold contrast that can be adapted for a more wearable look. To style a disconnected pompadour, use product to create texture and volume on top of the head. Then use your fingers or a comb to style the hair into place.

Side Part with Quiff

A side part with a quiff is a classic and polished look for any man. The side part is a fantastic addition to your haircut and can make even the most basic style look interesting.

It’s best to keep the hair shorter when doing a side part with quiff. A side part with a quiff is a great way to add volume and style to any haircut.

Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is a popular short hairstyle that’s named after the famous Roman Emperor. This cut features horizontal short-cut bangs that are styled forward.

To get this look, you may need to visit a salon that specializes in this type of haircut. The stylist will chop off all the hair on the back of your head and then style the remaining hair in a way that exposes the nape of your neck.

This type of haircut is often associated with wealthy people and celebrities because it emphasizes an individual’s features and makes them look taller.

Side Parted with Short Wavy Hair

Short wavy hair can be styled with a side part to add a touch of drama. To style short wavy hair with a side part, first blow dry the hair using a diffuser to add volume.

Then, use a curling iron or hot rollers to curl the hair.

Next, use your fingers to comb through the curls and create a side part. Finally, spray the hair with hairspray to keep the style in place.

Taper Haircut

A taper haircut is a type of hairstyle that starts at the nape of the neck and gradually fades away towards the front. It’s often considered being more stylish and sophisticated than other haircuts, such as the bald fade or undercut. The main reason for this may be because it gives you more control over how your hair looks from day to day.

You can achieve this look by first cutting off all of your locks except for a short piece on either side of your head. Then, use a gradual taper brush to remove some hairs around your ears, forehead, and cheeks until you reach chin level (about 1/2 inch). You can then finish the look by trimming any excess hair on top with scissors or an electric shaver.

Taper Fade

A taper fade haircut is a modern variation of the classic barber’s roll. It’s a close-cropped haircut with a gradual taper from the hair on top of the head to the bottom, typically ending around ear level.

The name comes from the fact that it gradually slopes down towards the ends, mimicking the shape of a tapered head.

The main advantage of this haircut is it allows you to achieve a longer look without having to cut your hair extremely short. It’s also a good option if you’re looking for something versatile and stylish. Learn about tapers versus fades.

Taper Fade with Slick Back

The taper fade with slick back is a stylish combination that’s appealing for men who want a sophisticated and modern appearance.

To get this look, the hair is kept shorter on top and brushed backward to create a sleek and glossy appearance. The taper fade keeps the sides and back short, while the length on top is blended in for a uniform look. This style is perfect for those who want an updated look.

Butch Cut

A butch cut is a military style haircut that’s popular among athletes. To get a butch cut, visit a barber or stylist and ask for a short, clean cut with no frills.

Butch cuts are typically worn with hair on the sides and back of the head, styled in a way that looks effortless and carefree. Butch cuts are good for men who want to keep their hair neat and tidy but don’t want to spend too much time on their hair routine.

Bald Fade

A bald fade is a short back and sides hairstyle where a small strip of faded hair blends down to hair that’s completely shaved off. Achieve this look by gradually fading the hair down from the top of the head to the nape of the neck.

For a striking contrast, pair a bald fade with an ample top section, such as a pompadour. Short haircuts for men can help you avoid a bald fade by keeping your hair healthy and preventing excessive thinning or breakage.

Short Afro

A short afro is a great way to show off your natural texture while still keeping your grooming time to a minimum. Afros are also associated with empowerment, so sporting one can be a great way to express yourself.

To style a short afro, start by using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to add some body to your hair. Then, use a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle your hair.

Next, apply a leave-in conditioner and use your fingers to style your hair into the desired shape. Finally, mist your afro with a holding spray to keep everything in place.

Crew Cut

A crew cut is a classic men’s haircut that will never go out of style. To get a crew cut, you need short hair on top. The modern way to wear a crew cut is by styling it differently each day.

The best way to get a crew cut is by going to a barber. The barber will know how to measure and cut your hair correctly.


The undercut hairstyle is a classic look that has been around for decades. The style is achieved by shaving the back or sides of the head underneath the longer hair on top. This can be an intimidating look for some men, but if done correctly, it can be a real head turner.

To style an undercut, start by combing the hair on top of the head forward. Next, use a razor to shave the back or sides of the head underneath the longer hair. Be sure to go slowly and carefully to avoid any accidents. Finally, comb the hair on top of the head back into place and enjoy your new look!

Disconnected Undercut

A disconnected undercut is a dramatic men’s haircut that features a hard part. To style a disconnected undercut, start by using a comb to create a clean and defined line. Then, use a pomade or gel to slick your hair back.

For a more relaxed look, you can tousle your hair with your fingers. You can also style your hair into a quiff or pompadour. The key to styling a disconnected undercut is to keep the sides short and the top long.

Low Fade

The low fade haircut is a versatile take on the high fade style. Your stylist will leave a weight line that adds interest and shape to the style. You can jazz up this popular haircut for men with lines and unique designs.

Mid Fade with Brushed Back Hair

A mid fade with brushed back hair is a modern take on a classic hairstyle. The brushed back hair creates a polished and masculine appearance, while the mid fade adds a youthful element to your appearance.

Mid fades are less maintenance than full head of hair, making it a great option for people with curly or textured locks.

High Fade with Hard Part

A high fade with hard part is a timeless and stylish haircut. The hard part can make a statement; it features a clean line shaved down to the scalp with a trimmer or razor. This style also compliments the sharpness of the high part.

Side Part

The side part is a versatile and stylish haircut that’s done on various lengths and types of hair. The style has a masculine appearance when created on shorter hair and is perfect for everyday wear. For a more dramatic or fashionable look, try styling the side part with longer hair.

To style a side part, first choose the side you want to part your hair on. Then, use a comb to make the part as wide or as narrow as you like – though a deep side looks very trendy.

To finish, comb your hair into place and style as usual. The side part is a great choice for everyday wear, and can also be more dramatic with longer hair.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a short, simple hairstyle for men. It’s clipped close to the head with a razor and is low maintenance and fuss-free. Buzz cuts can highlight your facial features and give off a rugged yet polished appearance.

They can be adapted to different hair textures and styles, including adding a lineup or skin fade to personalize your look.

Edgar Haircut

The Edgar haircut is a modern and bold style that can be created with various hair textures and types. This particular style is best suited for those with long, oval, and angular faces.

For this look, start by trimming the sides and back of the hair short. The top of the hair should then be styled into a quiff. Finally, use a product to add texture and hold to the hair.

Faux Hawk with Undercut

A faux hawk is a hairstyle that combines the rebellious look of a mohawk with an easy-to-wear approach. To make the fauxhawk more subtle, add an undercut to your style.

To style a faux hawk with an undercut, start by cutting a part off the top of your head just above your ears. Style the undercut by combing it to the side and back, and using a flat iron to curl it upward. Finish the look with some gel or hair spray to hold in place.

Textured Fringe

One of the best ways to achieve a youthful appearance is by opting for a textured fringe haircut. The key to pulling off this look is to make sure that your hair is the right length.

If your fringe is too long, it will end up looking sloppy. On the other hand, if it’s too short, it will fail to make an impact. The perfect length for a textured fringe lies somewhere in between these two extremes.

Another great way to style a textured fringe is by pairing it with a fade. This will give your hair more structure and help you achieve a polished look. To get it, simply ask your barber for a low or mid-fade. Then, style your fringe however you like— mess it up for a relaxed vibe or comb it into place for a more polished finish.

French Crop

The French crop haircut is a versatile and stylish option for men. It features a cropped fringe and can be paired with a range of fade hairstyles.

The haircut is easy to style and can be tailored to work with any hair type. For a natural look, the French crop can be worn with no product or styling. However, for a more polished look, pomade or wax can be used to style the hair into place.

Ivy League

The Ivy League haircut is a chin-length hairstyle with side-swept bang and named for its popularity among Ivy League students. The Ivy League can be worn with hair of all textures, and it can be adapted to suit your preference.

To style the Ivy League, start by applying product to damp hair. Then, use a comb to create a side part. Next, blow dry the hair using a round brush. Finally, use a flat iron to smooth out any frizziness.

Low Taper Fade

The low taper fade is a subtle and wearable haircut that starts just above the ears. To get this look, the hair is gradually shortened from lower on the head.

The low taper fade can be worn with all hair textures and adapted to suit your preference. This style is an ideal addition to any haircut where you want to create subtle contrast and add structure to the look.

Mexican Haircut

There are many stylish Mexican haircuts to choose from, depending on your hair texture, face shape, and preferred look. The most popular Mexican haircut is called Edgar and is characterized by a high skin fade.

The Mexican haircut features a short, horizontal fringe. It is similar to the classic Caesar haircut. There are many different Mexican haircuts that can suit any man or woman.

Two Block Haircut

A two block haircut is a modern and expressive haircut that is popular among younger men. The haircut is defined by two distinct block shapes on the head.

You can style the Two Block Haircut in various ways and experiment with the length of hair you wish to keep on top.

360 Waves Haircut

The 360 Waves Haircut is a great style for those who want to keep their curly hair short but also texturally interesting. The Waves Haircut can be done in various ways, including 180 waves or 360 waves.

The 360 Waves Haircut is incredibly versatile and can be adapted to your preference, including adding modern elements to the look like a line up or a fade. The waves are also a great way to reduce frizz and leave your hair looking healthy and shiny.

Bowl Haircut

The bowl cut is a short hairstyle defined by hair that’s the same length all around the head, featuring a short fringe. The visual interpretation is “Mom dropping a bowl on your head then cutting all the way around”…yikes!

To get a modern bowl haircut, you’ll need to visit a barber or stylist and have them cut around your head evenly. The length of the bowl haircut can vary depending on your preference, but it’s typically worn short.

Also, the sides can be disconnected or faded for a more personalized finish. Bowl haircuts are more modern than traditional styles and look hip and fresh.

Gender Neutral Haircut

The gender-neutral haircut is a simple and classic cut that can be worn by anyone. The hair is kept short to medium length and you can try fringes and bangs, like curtain bangs, to frame the face and highlight your features.

This type of haircut is perfect for those who want a timeless look that’s neither masculine nor feminine.

Wet Comb Over

A wet comb over is a hairstyle that’s achieved by brushing or combing the hair to one side. This look can be created with all hair textures and is beneficial for those with thinning hair or a receding hairline.

Wet comb overs can be paired with a fade, like a low taper fade, to give it more structure and create a subtle contrast with the hair on top and the back and sides. To achieve a wet comb over, you’ll need to slick the hair down using a wet-look product like gel or mousse.

Professional Haircut

There are a few key things to keep in mind if you want a professional-looking haircut. First, the hair on top should be highly stylized for great control.

Next, the skull fade should be clean cut to give the look more professionalism. Finally, this entire haircut should convey a business savvy appearance.

Comb Over Fade

To style a comb over fade, start by applying dry shampoo to your hair for volume. Then, use a matte pomade to create a side part.

Comb your hair over to the opposite side of the part, and use the pomade to create a textured look. Finish by running your fingers through your hair to style it into place.

Hair Design

A barber who specializes in hair design can create unique hairstyles by shaving patterns into the hair with clippers and a scalpel. This technique gives the hair dimension, depth, and diversity.

This is a special talent, so you’ll need to research a local artist with these hair design skills.

European Haircut

The European haircut is a trendy, sexy style that can be adapted to suit your face and hair type. It’s named after the men of Europe, who pioneered it.

The European haircut is a great choice for those who want a stylish, dapper look. To get it, you’ll need to the help of a stylist to find the style that complements your face shape and hair texture.

Rockabilly Haircut

The rockabilly haircut is a cool, retro hairstyle. To get the look, you’ll need to use a gel or pomade.

You can adapt the style to suit your preference, but we think it looks best with a fade or disconnected undercut. The rockabilly hairstyle works with all hair textures and feels very sexy.

Shaved Sides

Shaved sides are a great way to add an edgy and cool hairstyle to any haircut. To style shaved sides, simply shave the hair on the sides of the head down to the desired length.

Shaved sides work well with all hair textures and can be experimented with in length on the top of the head. Shaved sides take some upkeep, requiring regular visits to the barber, but besides this, they’re a simple and easy style to style.

Widow’s Peak

A widow’s peak haircut is a style that was popular in the 1940s and 1950s. It is characterized by a sharp crescent-shaped curve above the forehead, which is due to thinning hair at the crown of the head.

This hairstyle often requires regular trims to keep it looking its best, and can be expensive to maintain over time.

Medium length Haircuts for Men

Medium Length Natural Curls

Medium length natural curls are a great option for those who want easy-to-style hair that still looks great. Curly hair is versatile and can be styled in several ways, making it a popular choice for many people.

To style medium length natural curls, start by detangling the hair and then apply a product to help define the curls. Next, use a diffuser to dry the hair and then style as desired. Curly hair rarely requires much maintenance, but it’s important to keep it hydrated to prevent damaged or frizzy hair.

Slick Back with Taper Fade

The slick back with taper fade haircut is a sophisticated look that’s appealing to style-conscious men. The slick back can suit most hair textures and lengths, while the taper fade gives it a modern update and an edge.

To get the look, brush the hair backward and use products for hold and shine. The combo is suitable for most hair textures and lengths, and requires the use of products for hold and shine.


To achieve a blowout, you’ll first want to start with clean, dry hair. It’s best to use a product that will give your hair some texture and hold, such as a pomade or gel.

You’ll then want to use a brush to style your hair upwards or downwards, depending on the look you’re going for. To keep the style in place, you can use a strong hold hairspray.

Flat Top

To get a flat top haircut, you’ll need to have short sides and long or very long hair on the top. This haircut is military-inspired and was popular in the 1950s.

To get this look, you’ll want to visit a Barber or stylist who can give you the best look.

Hard Part with Quiff

A hard part with quiff haircut is achieved by brushing the hair upward and backward. This can help create an overall neater and very clean look.

The quiff can be styled in several ways, including with a hard part. The hard part is the shaved section in the hair, making a sharp, clean line down to the scalp.


The frohawk is a versatile haircut that’s easier to wear and has a more impulsive look. The taper will create a more subtle finish while still producing a contrast.

You can also personalize your frohawk by adding a hair design or opt for balanced finish with stubble.

Disheveled Hairstyle

The disheveled hairstyle is a versatile style that can be adapted to suit various lengths and types of hair. The focus of the look is to achieve textured hair that looks full and unruly.

This can be done easily on naturally textured hair but also using styling mousse. To get a disheveled hairstyle, keep your hair medium length and tousle into place.


Cornrows are a type of hairstyle where the hair is braided close to the scalp in rows. They can be created in various thicknesses and lengths, and can be paired with other hairstyles. For example, cornrows with a fade and topknot or cornrows with shaved sides.

To create cornrows, start by parting the hair into sections. Then, take a small section of hair and begin braiding it close to the scalp. Repeat this process until all the hair has been braided.

Hipster Haircut

To get a hipster haircut, choose a style that’s in line with the latest fashion and trends.

There are several styles that fall into the hipster category, including the man bun, half up and half down hairstyle, and long bob with bubble flip. Hipster haircuts can be expressive and fun.

Drop Fade

The drop fade haircut is a popular option that defines the hair at the crown and drops low behind the ear. This style is perfect if you want to draw attention to the hair at the crown and create some contrast. The drop fade can be worn with all hair textures and varies in length, depending on your preference.

The drop fade requires regular trips to the barber to keep it looking fresh; however, daily grooming time will be minimal. This makes the drop fade a popular choice for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time on their hair each day.

Mohawk Fade

A Mohawk fade haircut is a modern take on the classic Mohawk hairstyle. The hair on the sides is shaved, leaving a strip of hair running down the middle of the head.

This style is also perfect for men who want to add some personality to their look. A medium length Mohawk fade will give you a clean, modern look – good for many occasions.

To style a medium length Mohawk fade, use a comb to tease the hair on top of your head into a ridge. Then, use gel or pomade to hold the hair in place. You can style your Mohawk fade in any number of ways – experiment with distinct looks until you find one that suits you best.

Surfer Hairstyle

The medium length haircut is a popular style for men that is flattering on most faces and can be styled in a number of ways to suit different looks.

Surfers often have a casual aesthetic, which means their hairstyles can be worn outside of the beach or surf scene. So, a surfer hairstyle is a great way to get a tousled, sun-kissed look.

To achieve the surfer hairstyle, texturize your hair with sea salt spray and bleach it or add highlights. The medium length haircut is a popular style for men that’s flattering on most faces and easy to maintain.

Comb Back

The Comb Back is a classic men’s hairstyle that is easy to achieve and looks sophisticated. To style the hair, brush it back in the front to achieve volume.

The hair can be medium or long, and the style works best on non-curly hair. One drawback of this style is that combing against the grain can damage hair follicles over time.

To achieve a comb back haircut, start by shampooing and conditioning the hair. Then, use a comb to lightly backcomb the hair in the front, creating volume. Next, use a brush to smooth the hair back into place. Finish by using a strong-hold hairspray to keep the style in place.

Middle Part

A middle part is a low-maintenance style that can be created on various hair textures. Straight hair looks best with a middle part. Depending on how you style it, a middle parting can frame your face in a flattering way. Long locks can appear drier and damaged if they are styled with a middle part.

A middle part haircut is a versatile and low-maintenance style that can be worn on various hair types and textures. The best way to style a middle part is on straight hair, as it will keep your hair out of your face and highlight your features. To create a middle part, simply divide your hair in the middle and style it high or low on the head. To keep your locks healthy and damage-free, be sure to take care of your hair and use proper styling products.

Comb Over

Comb over is a hairstyle that’s easy to control and versatile. You can style it by combing it back, to the left, or to the right. You can also use pomade or gel to keep it in place.

Medium length Natural Curls

To style medium length natural curls, it’s best to use a product that will help to hold the hair in place without weighing it down.

Apply the product to damp hair and then use a diffuser to dry the hair. Once the hair is dry, use a curling iron or Wand to curl the ends of the hair. Finish with a light hairspray.

Burst Fade

A versatile men’s haircut, the burst fade is created with medium length hair. The burst fade is defined by the hair tapering around the ear and back of the head, forming a semi-circle.

To create the look, first determine the desired length of the hair on top of the head. Then, use clippers to shave a semi-circle around the ear and behind your head.

The result should be a clean and sharp contrast between the hair on top of head and the hair around the ear and back. You can also wear it with a mohawk or another daring style.


A Curtains haircut is long and has bangs parted in the center or on the side. It was popular in the swinging sixties and naughty nineties and is making a comeback now.

It’s a good style for men undergoing a retro revival or those who want Timothée Chalamet hair. The curtains will also add swanky vibe to your ensemble.

To style a curtains haircut, use a styling product to hold the hair in place and then style it using a curling iron, flat iron, or hot air brush.

EBoy Haircut

The EBoy haircut is one of the most popular styles on TikTok and social media. It’s flattering and has a youthful element.

The way the hair is cut frames the face can be incredibly flattering. You can try a textured fringe that’s long and shaggy, which can soften your features. You can also try curtain bangs with an emphasis on being expressive and youthful.

Hair Twist

Hair twists are a protective style for Afro-textured hair that can help prevent breakage. To create twists, start with clean, detangled hair. Section the hair into small subsections and twist each section around itself.

You can use a product to help with twisting, such as an oil or pomade. Once all the sections are twisted, let the twists air dry or sit under a hooded dryer.


A mullet haircut is a style that’s characterized by the outrageous length in the back and kept short on top and sides. Also, popularized by celebs like Billy Ray Cyrus – remember Achy Breaky Heart?

It can be adapted to suit various hair lengths and textures. To style a mullet, the hair on top can be kept shorter or blended for a less dramatic appearance.

Curly Fringe

If you have curly hair, you can rock a curly fringe! No matter your natural curl type, from 2c to 4c, every man can sport this look. However, it’s important to consult with your hairstylist beforehand to ensure that the style is executed perfectly.

Here are some tips on how to style a curly fringe:

  • Start with clean, towel-dried hair. Apply a curl-enhancing cream or mousse evenly throughout your locks.
  • Use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to dry your hair. Scrunch your strands as you dry them for extra definition.
  • Finish off by using a curling iron or hot rollers on the actual fringe itself for even more definition and hold.

Medium Length Afro

A medium length afro can be styled in a number of ways to create a variety of looks. The key to getting a great afro is to start with clean, well-moisturized hair. Afros can be styled using a variety of techniques, including braiding, twisting, and using Afro picks. Tools you’ll need:

  • A wide-toothed comb
  • Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Hair gel or pomade
  • Afro pick (optional)


The shag haircut is a messy and unstructured look that features feathered, choppy layers and fuller crown. This hairstyle can be adapted to suit different hair lengths and textures.

A medium-length option is less dramatic than a longer style and is easier to wear. The shag haircut is also a great way to channel your inner 70s.

This hairstyle suits most face shapes and creates a beautiful textured appearance. To style a shag haircut, use a texturizing product to add volume and texture. Finish with a light-hold hairspray to tame any flyaways.

Box Fade Haircut

The Box Fade Haircut is a cool and edgy haircut that creates the shape of a box. To do this haircut, the hair is first cut short on the sides and back, then longer lengths are left on top.

The hair on top is then styled into a box shape. This haircut is best suited for very curly or afro-textured hair, as it would look flat and lifeless on straighter hair. The Box Fade Haircut is an excellent way to give your hair volume and make it look thick and full.

Mop Hairstyle

The mop hairstyle is a popular haircut for younger men that’s easy to style and creates a laid back, carefree appearance.

Though you can wear the mop hairstyle on all hair textures, it looks most striking on those with wavy or curly texture and medium to long hair. It can also be worn with or without a fringe.

Medium Length Textured Hair

A medium length textured haircut is a good option for guys with thicker hair. The textured cut makes the styling part easier.

You can towel dry or do a quick blast blow dry. You can work a medium to strong hold pomade into the hair to bring the textures alive. A textured haircut is a good style for guys with thicker hair. To get the best look, style the hair using a medium to strong hold pomade. You can get a different look every day by moving the hair in different directions.

Swooping fringe

The swooping fringe is a daring and fashion-forward option that can make the most simple cut look interesting. This style of fringe demands attention and can make a statement without you even having to open your mouth.

The main thing to remember when styling a swooping fringe is that it needs regular trims in order to look its best. Other than that, carefully styling your fringe can add interest and coolness to your appearance.

Bro Flow

The Bro Flow haircut is a great choice for guys with medium to long hair who want a relaxed and carefree look. This low-maintenance hairstyle is versatile and can be worn by various hair textures, including straight or wavy.

To style Bro Flow, simply brush the hair back and let it fall into its natural shape.


To style a pompadour haircut, start by blow drying your hair to create a lift. Then, use a comb to style your hair into the pompadour shape.

For a classic pompadour style, aim for a high, rounded hairstyle. You can also experiment with different pompadour styles by combing your hair into different shapes.


Ringlets are a type of hairstyle that can be flattering and easy to style. To achieve ringlets, you can use styling products, heated rollers, or curl with a curling iron. Be sure to use a heat protectant before any heat styling to avoid damaging your hair.

When shampooing and conditioning, use products that are specifically designed for curly or textured hair to help reduce frizz and add moisture. Once your ringlets are styled, you can add other elements such as fades to provide structure and remove weight and bulk from hair.

Line Up Haircut

A line up haircut is a versatile and stylish option for men. The key to creating the perfect line up is in the shape of the hairline.

There are a few different ways to create a line up haircut. The most common way is to use straight lines and sharp angles. This creates a distinct look that’s perfect for those who want a stylish and unique haircut.

Another way to create a line up haircut is to keep some length on top of the head. This helps to add balance to the look and makes it more flattering for those who have different face shapes.

No matter which method you choose, make sure that you take the time to get it right. A line up haircut can make or break your look, so it’s important to take your time and get it right.

Short Fringe

Short fringe styles are popular right now, so if you’re looking for a new look, this is it!

The best way to style a short fringe is to keep the sides short with a skin fade and crop your longer lengths bluntly at the top.

Long Haircuts for Men

Long Hair with Middle Part

A middle parting cut is a low-maintenance style that can be created on various hair textures. To achieve a middle part, simply divide the hair into two sections at the center of the head.

This style looks best on straight hair, but can also be used with curly or wavy hair. A middle parting is an easy and effective way to style long hair without taking too much time. It’s also a flattering way to frame the face.

Long Hair with Slick Back

A slick back hairstyle is a great way to style long hair. To achieve this look, apply a light hairspray to damp hair and blow dry using a round brush.

Hold the style in place with a set of Bobby pins. Finish by spraying hairspray on the top of your head and scrunching it up for extra hold.

Long Afro

An afro is a big, bold choice for a hairstyle that will demand attention from other people.

It can be worn without any cuts or styling, but it will need excellent hair conditioner and styling products to keep it tame.

Viking Braids

Viking braids are a type of hairstyle that was popular among the warriors in Viking culture. The viking braids are a dynamic look produced by hair pulling and weaving hair sections into a braided pattern.

It comprises two sections: a larger section on top, and a smaller section at the bottom. The large section sits around your head like a bun and is wrapped several times around your head while the small section hangs down over your face.

This style can be achieved by using hair ties or simply pulling it back into a ponytail. To make it more styled, you can add bangs down either side of your face or put some flowers through the small loop portion of the viking braid to add an extra level of flair!

Viking Hairstyle

The Viking hairstyle is a powerful look that’s achieved by combining several elements.If you have long hair, try adding braids to the side. Alternatively, you can go for a half-up, half-down look.

Another option is to shave the sides and create a modern twist on the faux hawk. Or you could balance your haircut with bold facial hair.

There’s also the opportunity to experiment with different lengths – the Viking hairstyle suits all hair textures, particularly wavy and textured hair.

Man Braids

Man braids are a popular hairstyle for men, and they can be worn in a variety of ways. To achieve this look, guys can use pomade to keep their hair in place while they braid it.

Man braids can be worn as a single long ponytail or in multiple cornrows.

Long Loose Curls

To style long loose curls, you’ll need a curl-defining cream and an anti-frizz serum. Apply the cream to damp hair, then use a diffuser or let your hair air dry.

Once your hair is dry, apply the anti-frizz serum to help keep your curls in place. You can experiment with different partings to find what looks best with your face shape.

Keep in mind that leaving long hair down can highlight any damage or dryness, so it’s important to use products that will help keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

Long and Straight Hair

Long hair can be styled in several alluring ways, but one popular style is to brush it back with a blow-dryer and high-hold product. This gives the hair volume and height and is easy to do at home.

Long Hair with Side Part

To style long hair with a side part, first create a hard or soft side part. Then, add long curls, waves, or a high-top hairstyle to the look. This look is perfect for men who want to stand out with a unique style.


A ponytail is a simple and versatile way to style your hair of various textures, whether wearing it formally or more relaxed. The ponytail is also an excellent option for summer or a workout, keeping your neck cooler.

To style a ponytail for men with long hair, start by gathering all of your hair into one hand at the back of your head. Then, use an elastic band to secure the hair in place.

You can leave the ponytail as is, or you can use a brush to smooth it down. For a more polished look, you can curl the ends of the ponytail with a curling iron.

Half-up Half-down

The Half-up Half-down look is a combination of wearing your hair up and leaving it down. This look is achieved by pulling the top third of your hair back and tying it into a loop and knot.

The half-up half-down style is popular because it’s practical and natural looking. It can help achieve a more polished appearance and may be more appropriate for formal occasions.

Man Bun

To style a man bun, first gather your hair into a high ponytail. If your hair is very long, you may need to use a hair tie to secure it.

Next, twist your hair until it forms a rope-like shape. Then, wrap the surrounding rope to form a bun shape and secure it with bobby pins. Finally, mist your man bun with hairspray to help keep it in place.

Man Bun with Braids

The man bun with braids is a trending style that looks neat when forelocks or flyaways are kept at bay. The man bun with braids can be dressed up or down and is a great way to keep the hair off your face. When adding braids to the man bun, you’ll need to style with pomade to keep hair manageable.


Dreadlocks can take a long time to grow and require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. For people who want to get dreadlocks, the process can take weeks or even months.

Initially, the hair is separated into small sections and then each section is twisted or “dreaded” (wavy or coiled). As the dreads grow longer, they’ll need to be re-twisted every few weeks to keep them from unraveling.

Dreadlocks may look cool and laid-back, but they take a lot of aftercare. Regular shampooing and conditioning is still necessary to prevent the buildup of oils and products on the scalp. It’s also important to keep the dreads clean so that they don’t become matted or tangled.


A Topknot haircut is a stylish option for men achieved by simply tying the hair into a knot at the top of their head. The Topknot requires minimal styling time and can be readjusted with ease. It’s also easily adapted to suit your personal preferences and works with many hair textures.

This makes it a great option for beginners, or those who want a more professional alternative to the man bun. Remember that very tight topknots can be damaging to your hair, so be careful not to pull too tight when tying it up.

Celebrity Haircuts

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton’s haircut is a polished and stylish look that features shorter cropped sides and longer hair swept back with molding hair paste. This cut is very flattering on most people, works well from day to night, and is easy to maintain.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has a wide variety of celebrity haircuts he’s been wearing on the red carpet and in other public appearances. He’s known for his drastic changes in style.

Cooper often changes his hairstyle to match the theme or setting of the movie or photo shoot he’s working on. His latest haircut is a short, shaggy style that was popularized by Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. Also seen him in a haircut inspired by David Beckham.

Kumail Nanjiani

Kumail Nanjiani’s haircut is a soft pomp with some sleek side texture. Lengths should depend on your hair thickness and texture.

Kumail Nanjiani’s haircut is about 3 inches long on the front and sides. This relaxed style is perfect for Kumail Nanjiani’s daily routine.

Luis Fonsi

Luis Fonsi’s haircut is a classic brush buzz cut with a few tweaks that give it a unique look. The hair is bleached and then toned with a blue ash toner, and the back and sides are cut away in pattern.

The overall effect is of slightly longer hair on top that has a softer, hazier finish. To get this look, ask your barber for a number four on top.

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa is an American actor and model who is known for his role as Khal Drogo in the television series Game of Thrones and as Aquaman.

Momoa has long, layered hair which can be styled on any natural texture. To achieve Jason’s hairstyle, stop getting haircuts and instead regularly trim the ends of your hair and talk with your stylist about his look.

Ronaldo Haircut

Cristiano Ronaldo is a hairstyle chameleon, changing his style often. However, Ronaldo’s signature hairstyle is a short, simple, and masculine haircut with a sophisticated finish.

To get this look, start with clean, dry hair. Apply a small amount of product to the hair, combing it back. Then, use a razor to create a fade around the back and sides. Finally, use a hairdryer to style the hair into place.

To get the Ronaldo haircut, start with short, simple, and masculine hair. Then, add a slick back to . Finally, use a fade to gradually shorten the hair around the back and sides. This hairstyle is popular because it’s easy to maintain and looks great on him.

Ryan Gosling Haircut

To get Ryan Gosling’s haircut, start with a classic crew cut. Keep the hair short on the back and sides, but add pointy strands of hair in the front to give it volume and make it look fuller. You can experiment with different styles on top, or part the hair to the side.

Brad Pitt Haircut

To get the Brad Pitt haircut, start with a disconnection at the temples and nape. Be sure to leave enough length on top to slick back. To style, use pomade or gel to brush the hair back away from your hairline.

Chris Hemsworth Haircut

Chris Hemsworth’s haircut is also a classic crew cut. The crew cut features strands on the top that sit upright and the back and sides are kept short.

This cut is low maintenance and works well with all hair textures. You can personalize the haircut to suit your preference by adding interesting details to it, like a fade.

Drake Haircut

Drake has a buzz cut fade, which is a simple and straightforward hairstyle that’s popular with men. To get this look, see a barber or use a razor to shave the sides and back of the head close to the scalp.

Then, comb the hair forward over the shaved area. The Drake haircut is easy to maintain and requires little styling.

Johnny Depp Haircut

The Johnny Depp haircut is a cool, retro style that’s perfect for adding some fun and quirks to your look. To get this hairstyle, you can either choose a rockabilly quiff or customize it to your preference.

To style the Johnny Depp haircut, you will need to leave some hair loose around the face, opt for a fade, and experiment with different products to create the desired look.

Justin Timberlake Haircut

Justin Timberlake’s hair is often styled in a classic short back and sides with longer hair on top.

To get this look, start by shaving the sides of your head down to create an undercut. Then, style the top of your hair into a textured finish or brush it back for a neat and polished look.

Henry Cavill Haircut

Henry Cavill’s haircuts are typically short back and sides cuts or brush backs.

To get Henry’s haircut, start with a classic short back and sides cut. Then, sweep the hair upward and backward away from the hairline to open up the face. Finally, add a fade to create contrast.

Tom Holland Haircut

The Tom Holland haircut is a solid choice for those with naturally wavy hair. The main feature of this haircut is the comb back hairstyle, which can be worn with or without a fade.

To style the Holland haircut, start by applying product to damp hair and combing it back. For a more defined look, you can use a gel or pomade. Finish by blow drying your hair into place. If you want to add some contrast, you can ask your barber for a fade on the sides and top.

Peaky Blinders Haircut

The Peaky Blinders haircut is a brilliant choice for men who want to create an edgy and cool appearance. Whether you’re a fan of the show, this cut is doable can with many hair textures, making it a versatile option for most guys.

David Beckham Haircut

Soccer legend David Beckham prefers a pompadour or quiff haircut, which is a popular men’s style.

This hairstyle is fantastic for adding volume to the forehead and drawing attention to the top of the head. There are lots of ways to get this haircut and it can be adapted to your personal style.

Pop Smoke Braids

Pop Smoke Braids is a style inspired by the late rapper Pop Smoke. The style can be updated to suit your preference, including wearing them in different lengths and thicknesses and experimenting with finishes.

The Pop Smoke braids can last up to six weeks and are a great way to reduce daily grooming time while taking a break from heat styling and chemicals.

Odell Beckham Jr Haircuts

Odell Beckham Jr. has sported many hairstyles. One of his most memorable and stylish cuts is his undercut with bleached blonde curls.

The undercut creates a contrast with the rest of the hair and demands attention. It is worth noting this hairstyle requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep.

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Over to You

So there you have it – 100+ of the best haircuts for men in 2023. We hope you found a style that you like and that inspires you to try something new.

Remember, the key to looking good is finding a style that suits your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle. And don’t forget to keep your hair healthy by using the right shampoo and conditioner. Thanks for reading!


Which haircut is most attractive for men?

The hottest hairstyles for men in 2022 include the comb-over, crew cut, fade, faux hawk, man bun, pompadour, quiff, slicked back, side part, and undercut. All of these haircuts are notably stylish and attractive for men.

Fades, tapers, and undercuts continue to be popular haircuts for men in 2022. Slicked back hair is also a popular style, as it can be worn in a variety of ways. The quiff, pomp, and comb over are also popular hairstyles for men in 2022. Short hairstyles are also popular, as they are easy to style and maintain.

What is the easiest men’s haircut to maintain?

A buzz cut or crew cut is a simple style that requires minimal styling. Braids can also be a good option for men with long hair, as they can keep the hair out of the face and make it easier to manage. Another easy-to-manage style is the man bun, which embraces the natural length and texture of the hair.