Temple Fade Haircut for Men | 2022 Style Guide


Great artists always change up their style to stay ahead of the trend, so why not change up your personal hairstyle? The temp fade haircut is one of the latest men’s hairstyles to come out of modern barber shops.

The best part is that it works with short or long hair, buzz cuts or crew cuts, curly hair, straight hair or blowout hairstyle.

Here’s a look at how to get the temp fade haircut with examples so you can clearly show your barber how you want to fade and trim your hair.

temple fade haircut

What is a Temple Fade Haircut?

A Temple Fade Haircut, AKA “Temp Fade”, is a super trendy fade hairstyle using a line-up or shape-up blending technique to form the temple area. Common style variations include an afro or nappy temp fade plus low, medium and high temp fades.

This sharp and sophisticated faded cut is now one of the most popular hairstyles for men. Like the drop fade or Brooklyn fade, it’s the perfect for those who want a faded hairstyle without dramatically clean-shaving their sideburns.

Most temp fade haircuts are followed up with a shape-up haircut or even a curly, loose blowout.

There are so many variations of this cool hairstyle, particularly with a barber’s finishing touch. We show you the top temple fade haircuts with taper haircuts for all face shapes and hair textures below.

Best Temple Fade Haircuts

The most distinguished temp fade looks have a blended fade line that starts around the temples. These fades may blend down to a clean fade by the ears, sideburns, and jawline.

There are also different ways to edge and line temp fades with striking unique designs that are expertly done by incredible barbers. We’ll show you a variety of temp fade styles below.

Looking to get these styles on your own? Invest in a high-powered professional hair clipper and check out our faded beard and taper fade haircut guides.

1. Low Temp Fade

The low temp fade follows the ear closely with an inch or so above of gradually faded hair. In contrast, the high fade has a clean fade around the ear and may go even higher up past the temple.

Low temp fade
Low temp fade is subtle and stylish. Image source: @kjthebarber1 via Instagram.

2. High Temp Fade

These fades start with a higher clean fade around the ear and the strike a high contrast at the fade line, typically directly at or just above the temple.

High temp fade
High temp fade is sleek and cool. Image source: @sirpaulcharle via Instagram.

3. Temp Fade Afro

The temple fade goes well with all kinds of afro and high top cuts. This look features afro hawk with a high temp fade and taper in the back, a slight design edged into the afro just above the ear creates a signature look.

Temp fade with afro
Afro and Temp fade. Image source: @dillon_image via Instagram.

4. Curls With A Temp

Curls look amazing with any kind of fade on the sides. This cut keeps the length of the curls with a temp fade just above the ear, then slightly tapered in the back with clear lines and short fade.

Curly temp fade
Curly temp skin fade. Image source: @CRIZTOFFERSON via Instagram.

5. Temple Fade Dreads

Temp fades work best with short to medium length dreads, especially if you want an undercut look.

Temp fade with dreads
Temp fade with short dreads. Image source: @CHANGEMAN_ via Instagram.

6. Wavy Temp Fade

Waves tend to look best with precision edging and lining, as well as a clean fade on the sides. Here’s a temp fade around the ear with a taper towards the back. The beard is lined expertly, with the sideburns fading into the temple.

Temp fade with waves
Short waves with temple skin fade.

7. Temp Fade with Side Part

Temp fades work for all hair textures. This side part goes perfectly, with a quiff in the front and a temp fade just above the ear. The beard and sideburns are also faded into the temple.

Temp fade with side part
Side part and low fade.

8. Tapered Temp Fade

Taper fade haircuts look amazing on guys, especially when expertly lined and gradually faded towards the back. This look below, features a low temp fade by the ear with a complete taper from the front to back.

Temp fade with taper
A slick temp fade with taper. Image source: @PATTY_CUTS via Instagram.

9. Temp Fade Faux hawk

Want to create an edgy look? The temp fade also works with a faux hawk. These looks typically have a more pronounced clean fade around the temple and ear, leading to a taper in the back.

For a faux hawk, the length is slightly cropped in the top center of the head, then layered towards the back of the head.

Faux hawk with a fade
Faux hawk with a mid-fade. Image source: @b.athebarber via Instagram

10. Temple Fade with Beard

There are so many ways to wear a temp fade with a beard. We like this classic take the best. Here’s a temple fade with faded sideburns, perfectly lined cheek hair, and a taper in the back.

Temp fade with beard
Temp paired with a beard. Image source: @CHANGEMAN_ via Instagram.

By Eric Melillo

I'm the co-owner of B&B. I live in Guilford, Connecticut and I've been obsessed with bald & beard styles & trends for over 20 years..