19 Trending Tom Hardy Haircuts: A-list Style Guide


The London-born actor Tom Hardy has worn several haircut styles and beards since his rise to stardom with Black Hawk Down, The Dark Knight Rises, and Mad Max: Fury Road. Many men have emulated his different celebrity hairstyles to capture the same bad boy looks.

Tom Hardy’s haircut often features a taper fade on the sides with long, slicked back hair on top to accentuate his facial features. Recognized for his rugged good looks, the actor is also known to mix in other masculine hairstyles depending on his current movie role.

If you want to get this famous Brit’s haircut, there are several style options to choose from. We’ve gathered all of Tom Hardy’s haircuts below with tips on how to achieve each style.

Tom Hardy Haircut

Best Tom Hardy Hairstyles

When it comes to hairstyles for men, you can always find inspiration from celebrities. From Brad Pitt to Johnny Depp, every male celebrity has a distinguished haircut and style.

With so many roles and changing characters, Tom Hardy has sported many trendy looks.

His edgy fade haircuts and buzz cuts have started many discussions about faded taper looks with full beards. However, Hardy cleans up nicely with other styles featuring comb overs, slicked back undercuts, and other red carpet hairstyles.

1. Long Slicked Back Hair

This long hair look is a classic Tom Hardy favorite. Using pomade and a comb, you can dab your hair with just a little of this product and then slick back the long hair.

Tom Hardy Long Slicked Back Hair
Long slicked back hair with a short beard.

2. Buzz Cut

Tom Hardy loves a ducktail beard style with a fade into a buzz cut, likely with a #1 to #2 guard. Get this look simply by using an electric head shaver, then fade down the sideburns into your beard using different guards.

Tom Hardy Buzz cut
Tom sporting a cool buzz cut and slightly unkept ducktail style beard.

3. Taper Fade

Hair is medium length on top, slowly tapered and then faded slightly into a stubble beard. This cut is a bit more detailed, so we suggest checking out our taper and fade haircut guide.

Tom Hardy Crew Cut with short taper
Tom Hardy’s tapered caesar haircut with a small sweep is classic. It also pairs perfectly with his 5 o’clock shadow beard and bone structure.

See more Taper Haircut Styles plus see the difference: Taper vs Fade.

4. Slicked Back Undercut

Undercuts can be quick and easy to style using an electric razor with a guard of #.5 to #1.5. This is a high fade cut that keeps all the length on top. Using a bit of pomade, you can slick back the top to get this iconic Tom Hardy long hair look.

Tom Hardy Undercut
The undercut style makes Tom look like a true gangster.

5. Shaved Bald Haircut

Tom Hardy has had some interesting roles, but he went completely bald for his role as Charles Bronson. Using a Skull Shaver, you can easily get the bald look. We also suggest looking at bald fade haircuts if you’re considering shaving your head.

Tom Hardy Shaved with a full mustache
Bald Haircut – Hardy looking like a total badass. See more Bald with Mustache Styles

6. Comb Over

Here he looks like a classic gentleman with his slicked back comb over. In this look, Hardy keeps his hair quite long on the sides. Using barber shears, you can easily take away some length while keeping it long, then use a pomade to finish and style.

Tom Hardy Comb Over with a clean-shaven face.
Tom with a clean cut look and slicked back comb-over hairstyles.

7. Military Cut

In this look, Tom Hardy has completely buzzed his head, opting for a longer beard. The sides are faded down into a full, thick beard and mustache that’s slightly unkempt.

Tom Hardy Military Hairstyle and Full Beard.
A serious-looking Tom Hardy shows off a military hairstyle & full beard.

8. High Fade with Spikes

This medium length haircut is perfect for those who like to use beeswax, hair gel or matte clay (for a non-shiny look) to spike their hair a bit. The sides are faded using a #.5 to #1.5 with a stubble beard. This is a high and tight hairstyle with a bit of length on top.

Tom Hardy's spiky, bald fade haircut with shaved beard.
Another spiky hair look, Tom sports it well with a bald fade.

9. Messy Crew Cut

Pomade works perfectly to slick back the sides and add shine. Wax will help you style the front, so it stands up. But you may just want to run your fingers through and mold to achieve this thick hair, messy look with a subtle side part.

Tom Hardy Longer Haircut and Beard
Hardy looking cool and rugged, with a long messy crew cut hairstyle. He’s paired his style with a full facial hair and a bit of a neck beard.

10. Taper Haircut

A taper fade requires a bit of patience. In this photo, Tom Hardy’s hair is longer, likely at a 3 or 4 on the sides with a lot of length on top. The sideburns are faded into a tidy yet full goatee beard with longer hair around the chin and upper lip.

Tom Hardy Beard Style and spikes.
Tom is showing off an unusual side spike taper haircut.

11. Bald Fade Crew Cut

This is another high and tight, crew cut style, with a fade that almost turns this into an undercut if Hardy had kept it longer on top. You’ll need a razor with a #.5 to #2 guard, then use wax to style hair on top.

Tom Hardy Fade Crew Cut Look
Another fade style that’s bald to the skin.

12. Short Hair

When your hair grows long and wild, it’s easy to just let it go. This cut looks a bit more styled with wax used to part and comb over the hair, as well as push back the sides.

Tom Hardy short hair
Short hair with comb over with a fuller beard.

13. Spiked Haircut with Mid Fade

The spikes in this picture were created using a hair product like wax, pomade or gel. To get this nearly skin fade cut, we suggest using a very low guard such as a #.5 up to a #1.5, but start off higher if you haven’t faded or clean-shaven your sides before.

Tom Hardy longer spiked hair at the VENOM premiere.
Showing spiked hair and what looks like a beardstache for the VENOM movie premiere.

14. Short Mohawk

This style relies heavily on a good razor with a guard likely of #1 or #2 to shave down most of the hair, then using a #2 to #3 to #4 in the back to taper and fade, while keeping the length in the center for the mohawk.

Tom Hardy Mohawk
A young Tom Hardy with a caesar mohawk haircut.

15. Tom Hardy Lawless Haircut

This is a classic comb over crew cut look pair with the iconic Tom Hardy beard.

Tom Hardy Lawless Haircut
Pulled from the Lawless Movie, Tom has a wet look comb over.

16. Tom Hardy Venom Haircut

The Brit likely dyed his hair darker and faded his sides. The beard is kept neat and tidy with defined lines up to the hollows of his cheeks.

Tom Hardy Venom Haircut
Tom Hardy’s VENOM movie haircut.

17. Tom Hardy Mad Max Haircut

This could also be called a messy crew cut. Hardy’s sports a short haircut but not quite a buzz cut. Re-create with a #2 on the sides with a #3 on top for a bit of length.

Tom Hardy Mad Max Haircut
Mad Max: Fury Road Haircut

18. Tom Hardy Taboo Haircut

In the BBC drama, Tom Hardy is the adventurer James Keziah Delaney. Sports a crew cut with side taper.

Tom Hardy in BBC's Drama Taboo
Tom Hardy Taboo Haircut. Image courtesy BBC America

19. Tom Hardy Peaky Blinders Haircut

Tom Hardy plays the leader of a London-based Jewish gang – Alfie Solomons.

Tom Hardy Peaky Blinders Haircut
Tom Hardy Peaky Blinders Haircut: source Pinterest

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