The Famous Tom Selleck Mustache: Examples & Styling Tips

If you followed Magnum, P.I. or even Dr. Richard Burke on Friends, then you know the famous Tom Selleck mustache. Regarded as one of the most recognized walrus mustaches in Hollywood, Tom Selleck’s facial hair has always been inspiring to men who want that thick, lustrous upper lip sweater.

The Tom Selleck mustache is a bushy, thick Chevron mustache that’s grown just slightly longer than the upper lip. This manly facial hair trend is nearly as famous as Selleck himself and can be seen in his shows like Blue Blood and Magnum P.I..

Throughout the 1990s, Selleck was a popular figure for men’s facial hairstyles. We take a look back at his famous mustache and his current facial hair style.

Tom Selleck mustache

Top Tom Selleck Mustache Looks

While the actor has often been compared to the mustached Clark Gable, Tom Selleck’s mustache became well known for its sleek, well-maintained look. It also helped that Magnum P.I. had 6.5 million viewers and nearly 32 million viewers for season 2 of Friends.

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Due to his own meticulous trimming and thick growth, no one else can grow a mustache like Selleck. Selleck’s mustache even has multiple Twitter accounts:

Tom Selleck mustache twitter
love Tom Selleck mustache

These are some of the mustaches that Tom Selleck has grown over the years.

Tom Selleck mustache
Tom Selleck Mustache style
Mustache of Tom Selleck
Tom Selleck Goatee
Tom Selleck mustache beard
Tom Selleck’s Mustache

Tom Selleck Without Mustache

Tom Selleck no mustache
image source: reddit
Tom Selleck without mustache
Tom Selleck “no mustache” is a rare look.

How to Style Tom Selleck’s Mustache

Unlike other celebrity beards and mustache looks, the Selleck ‘stache always has similar thickness and shape. This Chevron mustache is a striking facial hairstyle. So how does the legendary actor create this look? He once said that part of his mustache growth is related to genetics and going through puberty.

To get this look, you’ll need some tools:

You’ll also need to follow these expert tips to trim and cut your mustache like the Magnum, P.I. star.

1. Clean Shave Around Your Mustache

If you want to get the same look as Tom Selleck, you’ll need to clean shave your chin, cheeks, jawline, and neckline. This leaves only a bushy, thick mustache on your upper lip.

2. Comb Your Mustache

After shampooing and washing your facial hair, you’ll dry it and then comb through. Your mustache hair should be flat so you can get the right length. With either barber shears or your electric beard trimmer, you’ll carefully trim the bottom edge of your mustache. It’s important to have a straight line of facial hair just above your upper lip.

3. Treat Your Mustache Hair

Apply a beard balm or beard oil after the trim to moisturize. This ensures that your hair remains shiny and healthy. If you want to style with mustache wax, you can apply a small dab and work through to the ends.

Tom Selleck doesn’t typically curl the ends of his mustache, but it’s up to you how you style your thick mustache. As long as it covers your upper lip and hangs just over the corners of your mouth, you can achieve this classic mustache look.

4. Groom and Maintain

If your mustache starts to lose its shape, you can use barber shears to clip away and maintain the structure, particularly the bottom line. Regularly combing and trimming your mustache will ensure that its shape doesn’t become too bushy and wily. Part of Selleck’s facial hair appeal is that it’s well-groomed and maintained.

What Does a Tom Selleck Mustache Style Say About You?

When you grow a Selleck style mustache, you’ll have facial hair that transcends the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. It’s one of the most recognized facial hair looks for men, making it also an incredibly masculine style too.

If you have nostalgia for classic facial hair styles and want to time travel to the good ‘ol days, then the Tom Selleck mustache is the perfect look to try.

By Eric Melillo

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