50 Best Undercut Hairstyles for Men [2020]

Undercut Haircut Styles

Men’s hairstyles are constantly changing and becoming more stylish. The undercut has become one of the most popular hairstyles for men. It’s a style that’s shared between David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Adam Levine, and Tom Hardy. This youthful and adaptable hairstyle works well for almost any hair type as well, even if you have a receding hairline.

The undercut is a versatile hairstyle that has a buzzed cut underneath with long hair on top. With the traditional undercut there are many style variations including slicked back, combed over curls and fades.

Here are 25 of the best undercut looks to help you find the right style.

Undercut Hairstyles for Men

From Instagram barbers who love men’s haircuts with an undercut to high fashion style, editorial undercut looks – we’ve collected the best undercut styles for you to review.

1. The Traditional Undercut

This look dates back to an early 1900s America when it was popular to not blend the sides, resulting in shorter or shaved sides with very long strands on top. These were typically slicked back or tousled.

Undercut Buzz Cut
Tom Hardy

The trend died out but popped up again with the punk revolution in the 1980s.

It’s here to stay now, as more stylish undercut looks have appeared in the past few years, thanks to the bald fade haircut trend. The “new traditional” typically includes a high and tight fade with long, smooth locks on top.

Take a look at the traditional undercut before seeing all the different variations below.

2. Slicked Back Undercut

The traditional undercut gets a stylish and professional upgrade with a little pomade or another styling cream.

Slick Back Undercut
Image courtesy of Men’s Hairstyles Today.

These are typically buzzed or faded on the sides, stopping just an inch or more above the tip of the ear. Hair is long on top but slicked all the way back with a comb.

3. Side Swept Undercut

This side swept undercut is a unique deviation from the tradition style and good for long-haired men. It’s hip and bold but not for everybody.

Side Swept Undercut
Image courtesy of Men’s Hairstyles World

This variation sports short sides like a regular undercut, then the long hair sweeps from one side to the other (similar to a comb over but much longer).

4. Undercut with a Side Part

If you don’t want to cut any length on top but still like the comb-over, you may opt for a side part undercut.

Asymmetrical Comb Over
Image courtesy of Men’s Hairstyles Now.

This look utilizes the long hair and buzzed sides, but it also features a part on one side. Typically pomade is used to push hair back and keep the part in place, or you can tousle using your fingers and a blow dryer with styling cream.

5. Faded Undercut Haircut

The faded undercut typically starts with a clean-shaven neck and sides that gradually increases up to a quiff cut and fade. The quiff is the longer style of hair just before getting to the top where you have strands with a longer length.

Faded Undercut

Other faded undercuts are quite edgy and may spike the hair on top or style with a pompadour (see #10).

6. Clean-Shaven with Undercut

Stark lines and sharp contrast are key to pulling off this look. There’s a clear separation between your hairline and the length of hair on top with this look.

Clean-Shaven Undercut

The back of the neck, sides, and even higher are completely clean-shaven or buzzed quite low to achieve this look.

7. Undercut with Curly Hair

Curls go very well with an undercut, and they can be styled a number of ways.

Curls on Top Comb Over
Image courtesy of Men’s Hairstyle Trends.

Some looks call for clean-shaven neck and sides with curls styled upwards and then tousled, while other looks leave the curls messy.

8. Blow dry Men’s Undercut

Using a blow dryer, you can create more volume and lift with the top length.

Blow dry Undercut

9. Temple Fade Undercut

Undercuts typically have a high and tight fade or buzzed sides. However, this look opts for a longer length starting closer to the ear with a tapered haircut at the back. The result is a super edgy, youthful look.

Temple Fade Undercut Taper
See more Temple Fade Haircut Styles.

10. Pompadour Undercut

If you like a lot of volume and style, the pompadour is just what you’ve been looking for. The undercut version of this hairstyle typically incorporates a fade on both sides.

Comb Over Bald Fade Undercut
Image courtesy of Ray-Ban.

The pompadour is typically created using a roller brush and blow dryer, as well as some styling cream. The heat gives the front pieces of your hair some lift.

11. fringe Undercut

We recommend having a barber show you how to achieve this look as you must layer and texture the longer pieces of your hair on top to push forward while keeping it short and tapered in the back.

Messy Fringe Undercut
Messy Fringe Undercut

The fringe look can work quite well whether you have thick or thinning hair, just using mousse to volumize your locks.

12. Short Undercut

You don’t need to keep all of your length on top, especially if you want a no-fuss style in the morning.

Short Undercut

These looks still have faded sides, but the length is cropped and then styled as a comb over or with spikes. This can also look like a longer crew cut hairstyle.

13. Hard Part Undercut

To create hard parts, your wavy hair is clean-shaven at the part. When combined with an undercut, the barber typically fades the sides, gradually building up to the length.

Undercut with Quiff Part
Image courtesy of NextLuxury.com

A quiff with a hard part is created at the front, leaving length to style on both sides.

14. Caesar Undercut

For those with thick hair who like hair products, the Caesar undercut is an edgy look that is reminiscent of a longer crew cut or 90s hairstyle. This look is faded on the sides and length is textured on top, creating layers that can be slicked back or pushed forward.

Caesar Undercut with Fade
Image courtesy of WorldofMale.com

This look can go wrong in a number of ways, so we suggest bringing a picture for reference when you visit a barber.

15. Long and Tousled Undercut

You don’t have to use any styling cream or have any length trimmed from an undercut to get the perfect style.

Long Tousled Undercut

Simply buzzing the sides with a guard of 1 or 2, then leaving your hair long achieves the same look.

16. Ponytail Undercut

Pull all of the mess away with a quick ponytail.

Undercut with Ponytail
Image courtesy of History.com Vikings. See more Viking beards.

17. Spiked Undercut

If you want more style and the ability to push up your hair, the layered, spiked look can streamline your undercut. Use wax to create more texture and separate pieces for spikier styles.

Spiked Undercut

These looks tend to have several hair lengths on top, tapering down to the back of your head.

18. Faux Hawk Undercut

For even higher buzzed sides or a very high fade, the faux hawk is best.

Mohawk Buzz Cut Fade

This look has a strip of longer hair at the center of your head with a taper down the back and middle of the head.

19. Top Knot Undercut

When you need to get all of your hair out of your face quickly, you can change your undercut up with a man-bun at the back.

Top Knot Undercut
Image courtesy of BespokeUnit.com

20. Tapered Back Undercut

These looks typically have a clean fade with a taper in the back so that hair lengths look seamless on the sides and back.

Tapered Back Undercut

21. Undercut with Beard

The undercut goes famously well with all kinds of beards, but we particularly like it with a faded beard.

Undercut with Beard

22. Bleached Faded Undercut

This look has remained a trend since 2019 when Zac Efron revealed this look. With ice blonde locks on top, the beard is kept a naturally dark color. Fades with a taper in the back are typical for this edgy look.

Bleached Faded Undercut

23. Comb Over Undercut

The comb over haircut gets a stylish upgrade with an undercut, making it slightly edgier.

Short Comb Over Undercut
Image courtesy of Men’s Hairstyles Today.

Faded or short sides are styled with longer locks on top. However, these may be trimmed to achieve the traditional comb over hairstyle.

24. Long Hair Undercut

The comb-over look gets a stylish upgrade when paired with an undercut.

Long hair undercut

25. Disconnected Undercut

This style is disconnected from the sides and where it gets its name. There’s a hard transition from the longer hair on top to the sides creating a clear definition.

Disconnected undercut
Image courtesy of Men’s Hairstyles Now.